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Anderson Veterinary Surgery

Anderson Veterinary Group was established more than 27 years ago by veterinary surgeons David and Linda Anderson. Through their professionalism, tireless dedication and genuine caring Anderson Veterinary Group has grown into a well known and appreciated establishment, giving a valuable service to the community. 


Our mission is to provide high quality veterinary care in a friendly, relaxed and personal atmosphere.


There are three additional branches of Anderson Veterinary Group. Please see here for further details.   

What we treat

As well as the usual cats and dogs we treat many more unusual species. From rabbits, guinea-pigs and rats to tortoises, geckos, bearded dragons, parrots, ducks and chickens!


Our vet Katie has a passion for small furries including rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters and gerbils.


If you have an unusual pet and would like to check if we have the facilities to treat them please call the practice on 02082901698.

Hypoallergenic Pet Food

Our Anderson own brand dog and cat food has been specially formulated by our vets. Unlike many cat and dog foods, our food is gluten free and doesn't contain many of the ingredients that often cause food intolerances. These ingredients can cause symptoms such as itchy skin, flatulence and poor stool quality. Collect your free sample from reception when you next visit.

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